Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If only I, the UNBORN CHILD, could speak: A third perspective on Abortion

Have you ever wondered how I, the unborn child, feel about my arrival into this world? Probably not, so here's what I have to say. For starters, it was not my decision to be conceived. However once I am in the womb of my mot her, I and only I have a say whether I should be terminated or allowed to continue my journey into this world. Unfortunately, everyone else (i.e., politicians, religious leaders, reformists) except me, is deciding my fate. Some people (pro-life) fight to preserve and protect my life at any cost, while others (pro-choice) vehemently defend the freedom of the woman who bears me. What Irony! My presence ignites a conflict between the two most revered ideals- the right of life versus the right of freedom. Ultimately, this is about me and my destiny.
For one second, all of you stop bickering over me and have the decency to listen to my side. Naturally, I would like to enter this world as a bundle of joy and a precious gift from God to my biological parents. I am entitled to a warm welcome from my biological mother. I do not even mind being born to a young, irresponsible drug addict as long as she welcomes me with open arms. Even in the most adverse situation and in the absence of a father figure, I will take my chances with my biological mother and fight for my survival. I did not ask anyone to create me. I do not want to be an unintended by-product of irresponsible, selfish adults indulging in pleasures without any regard for consequences. I do not like to be born to such individuals who conceived me without an ounce of discretion and have second thoughts about me afterwards. For no fault of mine, I should not have to face hardships or abuse.
Even if I am unwanted, and instead am given away to a wonderful, loving and caring family that chose me – will I be happy? Possibly, but I will always wonder why my biological parents did not want me. Being abandoned is a heavy burden to carry forever. Otherwise, why would good, caring adopted parents agonize over revealing my true identity. No one in this world can offer me a valid moral reason for my biological parents' actions. I will have to bear this emotional scar for the rest of my life.
Just think about my plight and imagine how I feel. I am inside the womb. I cannot speak out loud. I do not want to come into this world as an unwanted child. If I am an inconvenience to my biological parents, don't conceive me. Be mature and responsible, and utilize the medical marvels to prevent my conception. Please hear my silent pleas.
I would hate to start my life as a reject and unwelcome guest of my biological parents. Unfortunately, I neither have the strength to convey my sentiments to sparring adults, nor the power to act on my sentiments. Therefore, I am destined to patiently wait for adults to make their final decision on my behalf. I truly hope my views and sentiments will add more credibility and offer a third dimension to the topic of abortion.
I, Dr. Balasa L. Prasad, am compelled to speak on behalf of the fetus after helping many individuals in my Behavior Modification clinic to cope with the painful psychological trauma (abandonment complex) caused by their biological parents. I am writing this blog in the hope that their pain and suffering will not go in vain.

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